Kalle Noble

Marketing & Design Strategist




Every decision and choice that is made leads to defining our brand, who we are, and who we become.

Kalle Noble Reel Loud Marketing Coordinator

2021 - Marketing Coordinator

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UCSB Party

2021 - Founder

Gauchos 4 Transparency Website

2021 - Creative Director

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Gauchos 4 Transparency

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2020 - Commercial




I'm Kalle Noble,
a marketer and designer

I recently graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a focus in communication, technology management, and writing.

I've chosen this path because I find that it's a fantastic mixture of my long standing interests in behavioral sciences, digital art, and leadership. My interests lie in the application of graphical layouts and branding. This emphasizes discovering consumer research trends and habits in order to create a layout and design that is effective and persuasive for an overall marketing strategy.

United States, California

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based in LA.

*Kalle (Kahl-Luh) Pronounced like the "jala" part of "jalapeño," except beginning with a "K" sound.