UCSB Party Campaign

2020 - 2021

Technologies Used

Final Cut Pro X







The organization was focused on calling attention to the lack of policy in place to deal with the widespread health violations and 'pandemic parties' that had become abundant during the fall quarter, following the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Within a month of its creation, UCSB Party had quickly become the fastest growing grassroots organization within the UCSB community.  The campaign functioned by relying on community submissions and that showcased how little control the local public leaders had over situation. 

News of UCSB Party's account was spread through a mixture of local news reporting, social media networking, and word of mouth. The campaign quickly received the attention of university and county leaders, who then used my content to to more strictly enforce the laws and policies around COVID-19 safety. Soon after gaining traction and campaigning for stronger policies, the new health ordinance for Isla Vista was implemented. This meant up 500$ fines for those caught hosting large events. In its final months before the vaccine became widely available, the account was averaging 450,000+ impressions per month.

UCSB Party Poster
UCSB Party Analytics


» Established a social presence and gained a following equal to 10% of the university           population within the first month of its conception.

» Produced weekly content averaging 450k+ social impressions per month.

» Aided county leaders in passing a safer health ordinance for unincorporated areas of         Santa Barbara County and received 2k signatures in support.

» Interviewed for media outlets as acting spokesperson and collaborated with multiple         activist organizations.

» Assisted 1.54k individuals in May to receive vaccination appointments.