Ting Commercial


Technologies Used

Final Cut Pro X


Drone Photography



The purpose of this project was to create a three minute video advertisement that employs crisp visuals, voiceover, and music, in order to grab attention, lay out key information, and direct attention to the different facets of the topic. I chose to advertise Ting. I wanted to emphasize the key benefits of having a cell phone service that has consumers pay directly on the basis of their own usage of the service. I wanted to emphasize just how much of a financial impact this can create over time, while also noting the current climate of the COVID-19 pandemic. I chose to have the narrator be the voice of the same person who the product is being sold to in order to create ethos within the argument and to make the advertisement entertaining to watch for three minutes. 

I brainstormed and wrote a script for this commercial that would display all the benefits of the service. I prioritized the benefits and features in an order that I felt the consumer would need the benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Then I set up cameras on tripods and both filmed and acted out the commercial myself. 

Ting Mobile Mock-Advertisement

I had been looking for a way to incorporate drone videography into the commercial, but wanted it come natural to the advertisement and not seem pointless or out of place. Making the entire advertisement have hokey theme to it made this work.

I coordinated and directed a team of people on how I would like these time-lapses to go. I needed to communicate the angle and direction without being able to be there in person since this was done during the COVID-19 pandemic. I checked in and made sure each person got their share of the work done by the deadline I assigned them.