• Kalle Noble

What is an Email Marketing Newsletter?

Email marketing newsletters are a way of creating brand loyalty from your consumers by bringing them on the journey that the company is experiencing. It functions by consistently updating those who have signed up for the letter on usually monthly (but can be other periods of time) news that shows what the company has been up to. This can be new products, services, or features. It could be internal developments, what is coming for the future of the company along with any changes that are occurring, and it could be new brand developments.

The function of a newsletter is drive a stronger relationship between those in the public who are interested in a company and the company itself in hopes that they will become long time supporters of the company. In turn this will create a stronger fan base and delight customers who will end up spreading word about the company themselves.

The audience for the Booom Secret Email Club seems to be young adults on Instagram who are interested in physical prints of photography, arts, and interior decoration. This is both for people actively and passively indulge in Instagram, it seems it is also marketed towards photographers themselves. Based on the prices of the prints, I would say middle to upper middle class who are looking for deals. Geographically these people could be anywhere. It could be targeted at any gender, but possibly slightly leaning more towards women.

I think the strongest aspect I have seen in these newsletters is not with communicating the products they have on offer, but with the opportunities that have for the customers, like entering contests to have their own work featured, deals, and especially with driving communication between the fans of the company rather than with the company itself in order to create a stronger community and discussion of the company through word of mouth.