• Kalle Noble

What are Feature Articles?

Professionals use feature writings in order to convey more than just the latest updates on their company’s financial earnings or a new product or feature being introduced. Feature articles are used to tell a story that gives great detail on the company and provides the information packaged within a narrative in order to make the the act of learning about the company captivating and interesting to learn about. Profiles specifically will weave the narrative from the perspective of an individual associated with the company, it will tell the story of their feats and relevant experience. This can give exposure to a new or existing client, be used for internal company use, or to find new audiences that may be interested in the company.

The number one difference between feature articles and traditional news articles is that traditional news articles follow the inverted pyramid style where the most eye catching news is put at the beginning of the story and overtime the article will get into more specific territory, where as a feature article are present the information in the article in any number of ways. Other ways that the two are different is that oppose to traditional news, feature articles are often long and filled with more detail to allow for a more in depth story. This can be seen in the use of quotes over paraphrasing as well as longer leads.

A summary lead will typically present the most prevalent topic description within a single sentence. Juxtaposing this, feature leads most commonly come in two types which can both go on for quite a bit more than a single sentence. The first of these two types is the anecdotal lead. The anecdotal lead begins by describing a specific part of the story in detail, often this part will be a more exciting part that draws the reader in to want to learn more or to want to learn how this seemingly unrelated events connects tot he greater story of the feature article. A descriptive lead begins with great detail and imagery in hopes of transporting the reader and captivating them with the narrative within the first few sentences so that the reader may picture themselves there as the story unfolds.

Summary: Due to a $3 million grant from Margarite Howell, a local nonprofit will be opening a 5-unit homeless shelter within a downtown Santa Barbara apartment building on September 30, 2021.

Anecdotal: Back in 2000 Margarite Howell dreamed of finding a way to help the homeless in Downtown Santa Barbara find a place to stay. After partnering with a local nonprofit the public may begin to see some big changes this coming September.

Descriptive: Deep in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara a lone apartment building sits empty and cold. Unused, but with so much potential, passersby have wondered why it is taking up space. But as renovations begin, new beginnings seem to be setting hold on this building.