• Kalle Noble

Laddering & HMV: iPhone

A laddering, higherarchical value map, and analysis on the iPhone brand based off an interview.

Interview Summary

The chosen brand for this interview was the iPhone. I filled out the interview for myself and titled it “self.” My friend Corina volunteered to be interviewed for the “other” section. I had her tell me the top five important attributes of the iPhone to me and then had her order these from least important to most important. In order to make the interview not seem like a judgmental place I let her know that some of the questions may seem dumb or obvious, but are all important. For certain attributes like the camera quality(7) and connectedness(2) I used the Evoking Situational Context method to ask about situations where this would be relevant to her. For attribute eight I used the Postulating the Absence of the Object method. For attribute 3 and 6 I used the Third-Person Probe method.

Existing Advertisement Analysis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65JrtwtTOdc

The advertisement addresses everything in the HVM and more. It begins by showing off attribute 1 by showing off the design and then immediately jumping into attributes 3, 4, and consequence 11 by visually displaying the ease of use and accessibility. This is later shown again with the tagline “Everything Just Clicks.” Throughout the advertisement longevity(12) and dependability(15) are displayed, but it is never shown more than in the tagline “Oops Resistant.” All in one(6) is displayed with the overview of the product’s technical prowess. Sense of belonging(14) and social ability(10) are shown throughout as well in the product’s use of interaction with others around sharing the benefits of the single product. Opportunity(13) and improved self(16) also seem to be displayed with others around in scenes where the product is used to create edited home movies with others easily. The one thing that seems to be less on display is status symbol(9), however I believe this is a good thing, because it could come off to consumers as conceited.

New Advertising Campaign

A new campaign could focus less on dependability and longevity and emphasize opportunity and improved self more. This focus could partner with popular third-party applications on the Appstore and demonstrate the ease of use alongside people seeking greater opportunities with the software on the product. This could be self entrepreneurs who have made something of themselves through social media, people traveling around more easily for work, or people using applications for digital investing and transferring money to one another. This would make the product seem more essential to consumers as part of a means for living a modern life.