2020 - 2021

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Gauchos 4 Transparency is a student organization at University of California, Santa Barbara calling for accountability and transparency in our student government, administration, & campus leaders. We provide a voice for those who are being ignored by the institution and system.

I joined G4T near the beginning of its conception. After a single week I had increased G4T's following by 50% and later organized interview opportunities for G4T. Following this I pitched a new organizational chart and took charge of all of G4T's content creation and media planning as co-creative director. I recruited and interviewed new graphic designers, writers, illustrators, and video artists, bringing our team up to 25 artists. As co-creative director I hosted weekly meetings, created graphics and articles, delegated work, supervised, and revised team member's work.

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» Delegated weekly content on Trello for a team of 25+ creative specialists.

» Developed a content schedule under a brand identity that lead to a growth of 40k+           weekly impressions across G4T's multi-channel social presence.

» Proofread and edited graphics, articles, internal emails, and website updates.

» Promoted and collaborated with multiple non-profits and organizations.


» Created buyer personas that increased social following by 50% within first week.

» Pitched a creative branch and designed a hierarchical and organizational map.

» Organized interview opportunities in local news increasing G4T outreach.