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The following is a mock-marketing plan for Tesla to expand into a new market. The project was done in my technology management marketing class.

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Executive Summary

  • The world is moving towards a more sustainable standard of living

  • The market size of electric motorcycles valued at over 30 billion USD (2019) and projected to grow by 4% by 2026

  • Technological advancements through integration of motors and battery systems

  • Increased charging infrastructure through government & private investment

  • Trend toward individual transportation and outdoor activity as a result of COVID-19

  • Current leading competitors in the electric motorbike industry:

    • Honda Motors

    • Lightning Motorcycle Corp.

    • KTM Sport Motorcycle GmbH

    • Lima Electric Vehicle Co. Ktd.

    • Piaggio & C. SpA

    • Mahindra Ltd.

Product Description

The motorbike: 

  • In order to promote road safety, the helmet will be included with the motorcycle in the standard packaging.

  • Multiple safety features to offset common concerns that motorbikes are a more dangerous transportation option than cars. 

  • Motorbike will have self-driving features, road awareness, Bluetooth capabilities, and an iPad center console with the same GPS and features as the cars. 

    • The gaming features will only be accessible when the bike is stationary.

  • Tesla users will be able to report accidents or roadblocks for the benefit of other users.

BionicBike Bike

The Helmet: 

  • Unlock the motorbike and start using the features with the helmet. 

  • The high-tech helmet has safety features that warn the driver when other vehicles are in proximity to the motorbike, including your blind spot in which there will be a camera in the back of the helmet for increased field of view. 

  • Sensor for all approaching roadblocks and a radar for speed cameras or upcoming police presence on the roads. 

  • WiFi in the bike and bluetooth in the helmet. 

  • Screen in the helmet which projects your GPS navigation and speed

BionicBike Helmet

SWOT Analysis

Tesla SWOT Analysis

Marketing Archetype: The Magician

  • The Magician archetype focuses on making dreams a reality. 

  • These archetypes can do risky decision making, which may not always work out for them fully. 

  • Other examples: Disney and Apple.

  • This matches how Tesla has previously marketed their products and speaks towards the ingenuity and creativity that will be the forefront for the BionicBike.  

BionicBike SWOT Analysis

Target Audience

  • Younger people (25-35)

  • Tech Savvy

  • Minimalistic

  • Innovators and Early Adopters 

Later on target  those who do not normally drive motorcycles because of its promised safety and ease of use. Age range of (35-45).

Marketing Program

Tesla Newsletter

Tesla’s newsletter will release important updates about the creation and distribution of the bike. 


  • Consumers will be updated about aspects of the bike here (sustainability, speed, safety features, etc.)

  • To measure the success of Tesla’s Newsletter, the delivery rate will be tracked (aiming for 95-98%), click-through rate, and the conversion rate. 

Video Campaign

Tesla will demonstrate the elements of the motorbike and how it can be used in conjunction with the helmet. 

  • Market the bike by “selling an experience.” 

  • Convey that Tesla BionicBike is cool, safe, trustworthy, and at the forefront of a sustainable future. 

  • To measure the success of the Tesla video campaign, the company will be conducting A/B testing. Testing alterations in the video’s content to find the most appealing message to our audience.

Social Media

  • Provide teasers about the Tesla motorbike to keep consumers informed, engaged, and excited. 

  • To measure the success of Tesla’s social media campaign, the social team will be closely following our social media content calendar, and will be tracking the following metrics/KPI’s: impressions, total engagements, and follower growth. We will be tracking these and will use these metrics to gauge the quality of our content and user interest in our product. 


  • Rely on product quality, word-of-mouth marketing, and referrals to produce sales.

  • Employ a high reach and medium frequency marketing approach.

  • Geographical allocation: hotspots such as SF, LA, NY, and SEA.

  • Release the Tesla Newsletter, product waiting lists, simplistic digital ads, and a video campaign.

  • Advertisement Calendar for 18-month period from September 2021 to March 2022.

  • Social Medias: Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Build Tesla showrooms in hotspot cities, provide test rides at the Tesla Sales Centers and place BionicBike models in shopping malls to increase exposure.

BionicBike Social Media Calendar
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